Leprechauns Have Free Run of Passow!

Boys and girls,  you won't believe it! Lucky the Leprechaun and his friends got into the school last night and it appears they threw themselves a St. Patrick's Day Party! They got into all of our kindergarten rooms and ran a muck! They tipped over chairs, left messages on tables, dyed all the water green, and so much more!
The maintenance staff, as you might expect, is NOT very pleased. "I couldn't believe it when I walked in this morning! There were little green footprints everywhere and all of the cleaning that we did was for nothing," said a very unhappy Mr. Mark.  "If I catch one of these little guys, he's going to get a real firm lecture about picking up after himself and germs!"
Evidence shows that the leprechauns spent quite a bit of time playing with the "leprechaun traps" that were created by Ms. Fergus's kindergarteners.  Sadly, the traps were not able to catch any of the little tricksters. "I'm not sure where we went wrong," pondered Ms. Fergus. "I guess we will have to reassess our work and come up with a better plan for next year!"
Mr. Mark and his team worked hard and Passow is back looking like it is supposed to. More traps have been created in case they return, but it's probably safe to assume we won't see them until next March. Until then...
"May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and may nothing but happiness come through your door!"